Frequently Asked Questions

Instacards are single-use cards.

That way we shut down fraudulent charges before they happen just in case someone steals your card information from a merchant and tries to run up charges all over the internet.

The transaction didn't go through? Here's a list of possible decline messages and what they mean:

The card was closed at the time of the transaction - Sorry! Closed cards can't be used to make transactions.

The transaction exceeded your card's balance - This attempted transaction is higher than your card's balance.

A single-use card was charged multiple times - Single-use cards close after one transaction.

This merchant is not permitted to make charges on Instacards - While one of our main priorities is allowing users to transact with merchants safely and preventing unwanted charges, we also have to do our part to prevent fraudulent activity. Because of the high volume of suspicious transactions with this merchant using our cards, we've had to block any transactions with them.

Incorrect card details - The card form may have been filled out incorrectly - Try one more time and double-check that the CVV and/or expiration date were entered correctly.

The merchant blocked the transaction from going through - This could happen for a variety of reasons. Instacards are classified by Mastercard as prepaid debit cards, so unfortunately if a merchant does not accept prepaid cards, you won't be able to use Instacards with that merchant. If the merchant normally accepts prepaid cards but still declines the card, please contact them directly for more info on why this particular transaction is being declined.